Apple CEO confirms that the company is working on software for self-driving cars

For the first time in a long time, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirms that the Cupertino Giant is working on the tech to power self-driving cars. In a interview with Bloomberg, Cook said that the firm is majorly focusing on automated systems, rather than saying a car with a huge Apple logo, and said that this can be used for many different applications.

Tim Cook says “We sort of see it as the mother of all AI projects”. “Autonomy is something that’s incredibly exciting for us, but we’ll see where it will take us. We’re not really saying from a product point of view of what we’ll do, but we are being straight forward that it is a core technology we view as very important”.

Rumors of Apple’s interest in automated vehicles has been an open secrete in silicon valley. There are rumors about the company’s efforts (A project codenamed, Project Titan. Reportedly started in 2014) have been hanging around the corner for years.

Apple reportedly had hired around 1000 engineers to work on project Titan, but was forced to alter its focus form building the company’s own electric car, to going more on the software side. This interview with Tim Cook confirms that this is Apple’s priority.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is coming to PS4 next week

The sequel to the Call of Duty 4 is now a standalone title – only on the PS4 at the moment. Today the developer Activision announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will only be at the moment available on Sony’s console on June 27th for $39.99. The game as usual with feature the same story campaign and multiplayer amps as the 2007 original, but with a whole lot of beautiful visuals. As of now there is no news to my knowledge that the remastered version will be available to purchase on either PC or the Xbox One (Bummer right?). The publisher states that there would be “Other platforms to follow” the PS4 launch. next major Call of Duty game, meanwhile, takes the series back to World War II, and will be available on November 3rd.


Video/Call of Duty Official Launch Trailer, YouTube

The OnePlus 5 Goes on Sale June 27th, but you can get one today

The flagship phone form OnePlus the Chinese company, the OnePlus 5, will be released in a limited “early drop” sale today. The mass sale would start form aroung June 27th. Everyone who watched the keynote must have heard the special code that can be entered at the company’s website for the early run batch of the phones. The people at The verge have helped us with that, the passcode for the early batch is “Clearer Photos”. OnePlus phones are inching upward in price with the introduction of the 5. The toped up model will cost you a $539.

Screen_Shot_2017_06_20_at_12.48.18_PM.jpgImage/OnePlus Website

if the early drop sells out before you can hog one of these puppies. You’ve got another shot at the pop-up stores. The one day location stores would be open in New York today and in London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Helsinki and Copenhagen tomorrow.

The US Air Force and IBM are together in building an AI supercomputer

The supercomputers today are capable of many things and all of them are incredible. The things are ranging form accurately predicting the weather to uncovering insights into climate change, but these beasts still rely on brute processor power to accomplish their tasks. To remove this limitation, the new partnership between the US Air Force and IBM comes in to picture. Both the teams are teaming up to build the worlds first supercomputer that behaves like a natural brain.

Both the teams announced that the machine will run on a array of 64 TrueNorth Neurosynaptic chips. The TrueNorth chips are said to we wired together like, and operate in a similar trend to and within a biological brain. That seems utterly promising. Each of the core is a part of a distributed network and operates in a parallel with one another on a event-driven basis. This means that these chips do not require a clock, as the traditional CPUs do, to function.

Like the other neural networks out there, this system will put use in pattern recognition and sensory processing roles. The USAF wants to take this ability and use it to convert multiple types of data feeds in to machine readable symbols, with a supercomputers ability to crunch data.

this is not the first time IBM’s neural chip system has been used alongside of cutting-edge tech. Last August, Samsung installed the chips in its Dynamic Vision Sensors enabling cameras to capture images at up to 2,000 fps while burning through just 300 mill watts of power.


Video/IBM Research YouTube

Snapchat Spectacles now takes snaps underwater


The Snapchat spectacles are making some real progress. A partnership between the Social network and the Royal Caribbean cruise lines will now enable users to capture footage under the sea.

The product is reportedly called the SeaSeekerm, the video and photo recording masks lasts for about 30 minutes underwater and up to depths of about 150 feet. So the shades are perfect for free diving and scuba divers. Currently there are only a few masks made, and are being tested by the Royal Caribbean with marine biologist Gabriela Nava and the wildlife photographer Roberto Ochoa.

Once these shades are out with the tourists who want to document their mesmerizing time under water, you can fairly expect to see more random stickers and text floating over fish and most probably some rare rocks form your friends on vacation.

Source/Royal Caribbean


Valve’s VR controller now tracks individual fingers

If you are a real VR fan, you might have been following news about the development of the companies new controller for the SteamVR, reportedly called Knuckles. As of today the device is being shipped as a prototype to developers, due to this, Valve has released some exiting new information on the Knuckles and how will it function.

For users to use the knuckle, they insert their hand between the main part of the controller and the strap keeps it in place. Everyone’s hand is different, you can adjust according to your using the attached cord. This tells us that we can interact with the objects without worrying of dropping the controller. The capacitive sensors all over the controller track your hand movements, now this works with your fingers being straight, tightly curled or somewhere in between. The knuckles controller has a very special feature of ‘Individual Finger Tracking’. One of the most requested features by the VR community.

The new Valve controller appears to be more ergonomic and a natural controller for VR users. It looks like a pretty straightforward follow-up to controller such as the Oculus Touch and the Vive wand. At this point I am not sure when will this be available to the general public, but I can assure you, a lot of VR fans are itching to get their hand on this piece of hardware.


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Top 5 games announced at this years E3

The E3 also called “The Video Game Show” takes place every year, before the actual event the starts there is series of huge press events. Where game makers try to hog some of the worlds attention to their latest mega releases. The one hour hype-fests can make huge difference in huge success or ignoble failure.

According to a post on Guardian, here are their top 5 games form the E3 this year. They said “We’ve stuck to games that were either revealed form the first time or finally confirmed after months of rumors”. Lets start with the list:

Anthem (EA Bioware; PC/Xbox One X/PS4; Fall 2018)

As talked about earlier on this blog, the mind blowing game Anthem and its dynamic environment keeps the user form not letting go of the controller. The game is basically a co-op shooter, pitching elite troops named the Freelancers, who come out of a safe city and come on to a inhospitable planet.

Anthem-BioWare-815591.jpg             Image Source/Electronic Arts

Assassin’s Creed Origins (Ubisoft; PC/Xbox One X/PS4; 27 October)

As you can see by the title of the game, “Origins”. Ubisoft is heading back to the beginning of the series with the tale of the assassins creed guild founders, who will basically be fighting their way through Egypt. The lead player in this game, a warrior who is a guardian to his people (we’ve seen that before, classic) while stabbing enemies. The game developers are showing us the overhaul of the familiar Assassin’s creed systems. For example, in the modern world you use drones to scout, in this game the eagle will serve the same purpose, and good news! More boss battles.

may-2017-calendar-10.jpgImage Source/Ubisoft

The Crew 2 (Ubisoft; PC/PS4/Xbox One X; 2018)

Hey, wait I’ve heard that name before. The old car racing game by Ubisoft! The second version is coming and it is coming with a punch. The online open world driving game has returned only to show you that now you have the ability to race in practically any vehicle, let me explain that to you guys. Form airplanes to motorboats to cars to dirt bikes to monster trucks, yep that what we are dealing with here. There is 2,000 square miles of varied American land to zoom across, with different land forms to try, from rocky mountains to New York City. Huge variety of competitions are available and are now knows since the beginning.

tc2_web_1920x1080_tc2_wt_293171.pngImage Source/Ubisoft

Watch the trailer here

Beyond Good and Evil 2 (Ubisoft)

Remember the game in 2003, that was the first iteration to this game. Since then everybody is waiting for is sequel but the company just didn’t care, till now. Players in this game will be able to work together to help fight for the right of animal-human hybrids. Interstellar travel, and seamless online play including searing are all available in abundance in the game. untitled33.pngImage Source/Ubisoft

A Way Out (EA; PC/PS4/Xbox One X; early 2018)

Two players must work together to break characters Leo and Vincent out of prison, and they must help them to avoid the authorities. The game has featured very different characters, as the game progresses the characters will have to build trust and friendship as they go ahead.

3Image Source/Electronic Arts

Article/The Guardian

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Happy Gaming!