Valve’s VR controller now tracks individual fingers

If you are a real VR fan, you might have been following news about the development of the companies new controller for the SteamVR, reportedly called Knuckles. As of today the device is being shipped as a prototype to developers, due to this, Valve has released some exiting new information on the Knuckles and how will it function.

For users to use the knuckle, they insert their hand between the main part of the controller and the strap keeps it in place. Everyone’s hand is different, you can adjust according to your using the attached cord. This tells us that we can interact with the objects without worrying of dropping the controller. The capacitive sensors all over the controller track your hand movements, now this works with your fingers being straight, tightly curled or somewhere in between. The knuckles controller has a very special feature of ‘Individual Finger Tracking’. One of the most requested features by the VR community.

The new Valve controller appears to be more ergonomic and a natural controller for VR users. It looks like a pretty straightforward follow-up to controller such as the Oculus Touch and the Vive wand. At this point I am not sure when will this be available to the general public, but I can assure you, a lot of VR fans are itching to get their hand on this piece of hardware.


Image/Steam Community


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