The US Air Force and IBM are together in building an AI supercomputer

The supercomputers today are capable of many things and all of them are incredible. The things are ranging form accurately predicting the weather to uncovering insights into climate change, but these beasts still rely on brute processor power to accomplish their tasks. To remove this limitation, the new partnership between the US Air Force and IBM comes in to picture. Both the teams are teaming up to build the worlds first supercomputer that behaves like a natural brain.

Both the teams announced that the machine will run on a array of 64 TrueNorth Neurosynaptic chips. The TrueNorth chips are said to we wired together like, and operate in a similar trend to and within a biological brain. That seems utterly promising. Each of the core is a part of a distributed network and operates in a parallel with one another on a event-driven basis. This means that these chips do not require a clock, as the traditional CPUs do, to function.

Like the other neural networks out there, this system will put use in pattern recognition and sensory processing roles. The USAF wants to take this ability and use it to convert multiple types of data feeds in to machine readable symbols, with a supercomputers ability to crunch data.

this is not the first time IBM’s neural chip system has been used alongside of cutting-edge tech. Last August, Samsung installed the chips in its Dynamic Vision Sensors enabling cameras to capture images at up to 2,000 fps while burning through just 300 mill watts of power.


Video/IBM Research YouTube


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