The OnePlus 5 Goes on Sale June 27th, but you can get one today

The flagship phone form OnePlus the Chinese company, the OnePlus 5, will be released in a limited “early drop” sale today. The mass sale would start form aroung June 27th. Everyone who watched the keynote must have heard the special code that can be entered at the company’s website for the early run batch of the phones. The people at The verge have helped us with that, the passcode for the early batch is “Clearer Photos”. OnePlus phones are inching upward in price with the introduction of the 5. The toped up model will cost you a $539.

Screen_Shot_2017_06_20_at_12.48.18_PM.jpgImage/OnePlus Website

if the early drop sells out before you can hog one of these puppies. You’ve got another shot at the pop-up stores. The one day location stores would be open in New York today and in London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Helsinki and Copenhagen tomorrow.


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