Anthem, a dynamic world full of surprises

BioWare showed us the first look of their ambitious game, Anthem, at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. The concept behind Anthem is, players will act as exosuit-wearing “freelancers” exploring a sci-fi open and dynamic world and will be posed with various threats along their journey.


The game director at the E3 presented a footage, which featured a story line to save a gang of fellow freelancers. The mission unfolds, as the players go ahead they have to explore a lush, jungle like area. The director says “The world of Anthem is hostile” threats can come from any direction. He also said that besides the enemies, the players will also have to wary of the dynamic weather events talking place, one of them is called the “shaper storms”.

At EA’s E3, the people at The Verge got their first look on the game: it was a brief trailer that teases a world in which the players would live with the choices they make, or die trying to change them .

The game will launch in 2018

Source/TheVerge                                                                                                                                               Featured Image/Anthem


How-to, Microsoft Office 365 for free

Microsoft these days does not offer any free service to its users. The office 365 suite is the ultimate pinnacle of productivity out there. It includes all the essentials for you to get going, and making something awesome. The suit basically includes the Microsoft Word, Power Point and excel software in the basic version, for which let me give you a hint, you will have to pay a lot of money.

On the other hand what you could do it download the Office 365 files form another website which offer the same files Microsoft will offer but for absolutely free. You might be thinking “Hey, if they are free there’s got to be some catch”. Well rest assured there is nothing to be worried about, there is no survey for these files and no viruses at all. The website where you can download these files is Here you can find all of Microsoft services for free without any catch or you can just get it for free form

Link to MSguides Office 365 Page!

Featured Image/Microsoft Office 365

The heatmaps in youtube provide some great analysis on VR videos

These days YouTube is a huge community with content increasing as we speak, VR library on YouTube has been seen growing at a ridicules rate since a few times. But still it is one of the definite assets of Google’s struggle to dominate the virtual reality world. The company isn’t just trying to improve the user experience but also has added some features to help users a lot. Just like the one back in my, the shared virtual viewing rooms and live voice chat, this was to help the content creators find out which parts of their 360 video are working properly. This time YouTube has introduced heatmaps to show the direction and the accurate timing of when the people are looking in the freedom movie format.

Source/Engadget                                                                                                                                       Image/YouTube

Airbnb getting an anti-scam background scan tech

Airbnb is now getting serious when there are fraudulent listing and shady renters, they’ve now got something in their pockets to keep this away. According to Bloomberg, the Short-Term rental platform is now planning to buy Trooly Inc., now this Trooly is a startup specializing in background checks to avoid scammers. Airbnb has been using Trooly’s tech for about 2 years now, and has decided to make its tech a core part of the platform. The only way they can do this is by purchasing its intellectual property and its engineering team. and that’s what Airbnb is going to do.

The publication on Bloomberg states that Airbnb has recently been having trouble controlling the presence of listing that are created by shady people posing as home owners, and guest trying to bypass it and contacting the hosts for almost about 10 years now. The tool they are planning to buy would prevent both instances by analyzing data form public record of the host or renter it can find, including all of his social media and other sources. While the Airbnb spokesperson refused to talk about their recent purchase of the tool. I hope this move made would lead to a fewer number of scams on the platform.

Source/Engadget                                                                                                                                                Feature Image/Engadget Article


The non-explosive Galaxy Note 8 is here(ish)

Samsung is back with another piece to their notes. From all the rumors around I can certainly see that the Note 8 is on its way. I am exited to see what Samsung has in store for us with the Galaxy Note 8. As of the company has not released the phone officially, however there are a few renders form the TechnoBuffalo Team here to fuel our dreams of the Galaxy Note 8.

TechnoBuffalo-Galaxy-Note-8-Concept-Render-Fingerprint-02-630x541.jpgConcept Render/TechnoBuffalo

What I am showing you here is all the external rendering and how the phone would look form the outside, but the true magic of Samsung comes form under the hood. The rumors according to TechnoBuffalo’s article state that the phone will have a dual camera setup, consisting of a 12-megapixel wide-angle CIS and 13-megapixel Telephoto CIS. It is also rumored that the phone will use an Exynos Series (8895) processor, 6GB of RAM and iris recognition.

Source/TechnoBuffalo                                                                                                                                        Featured Image/TechnoBuffalo

The YotaPhone 3 is coming later this year

A new member of the YotaPhone family of phones. The phone has been announced at a conference in Northern China. This one is the successor to the YotaPhone 2, which attracted eyes to it when it came with an E ink display on its back, will also feature a rear E ink display, with AMOLED screen on the front.

The dual-screen smartphone will come in 64GB and 128GB version for a price range of $350 – $450. For beginners the phone would be available in Russia and China this fall. Other than this info the Yota Devices hasn’t said much about the device. Back in April they sure had released a blacked-out photo: untitled12.pngImage Source/TheVerge

Hopefully things will change this time around, and there will be a US version of the YotaPhone 3. Yota Devices is expected to announce more details around the smartphone later this summer.


Google’s TensorFlow Object Detection API is out

Google is releasing a new TensorFlow object Detection API to make it easier for developer and researchers to identify objects within images. Google is trying to offer the best simplicity and performance – The models being released today have preformed well in the benchmark tests and have become regularly used in research.


The models in the detection API include heavy duty inception based convolutional neural networks and aligned networks to operate on less sophisticated machines. Earlier this week Google had announced its MobileNets family of lightweight computer vision models these models can handle tasks which require object detection like, face recognition and landmark recognition (pretty cool, huh?).

The TensorFlow detection API can be found on this Link. Google wants to make it extra easy to play and implement so the entire kit becomes accessible through a simple API call.